Kayaking is legal at upper part of river Belá

Kayaking and canoeing is now allowed at upper part of river Bela. Starting point is approximately 150m under the confluence of Tichy creek and Koprovsky creek. It is possible to only walk from parking Podbanske via yellow hiking path and marked path to starting point. More ›

Easter kayaking in Slovenia

Spring kayaking in Slovenia. We had too much water, but we were paddling down the Soca and Korytnica river. More ›

Ski tour from Smokovec to Zbojnícka Chalet

From iced covered rode through crowded hiking trail, Great Cold Valley surrounded by steep and high peaks, steep slopes with beautiful vies to the Podtatranská valley and Low Tatras to the Zbojnicka Chalet by skis. Then freeride back down to Smokovec. More ›

Night canoe orienteering race

Race with a memorable atmosphere which we won took place at Ruzin lake near Kosice. More ›

Exploring Slovakia - teambuilding

Teambuilding for our jeep tour team members in Slovak Ore Mountains. We had great time together in beautiful Slovak nature. More ›