Exploring Slovakia - teambuilding

We decided to prepare teambuilding for people involved in jeep tours organization - guides and instructors this year. It should be also the meeting after the end of the jeep tour season, that is why we planned it at the end of October. We choosed location in Slovak Ore Mountains.

Because of different time availability of the team members we divided into few groups. First one (me, Gretka and Jogy) should start in Friday morning. Unfortunatelly, we had delay and started our trip two hours later.

During the travel to the final location we tried out new offroads. Due to heavy rain, some of them were hard to drive also for Jeep. Second team (Lubos and Adam) joined us in Margecany, they had driven there through offroad around Ruzin lake. The cabin, where we would like to sleep, is deep in the forest. We came there about hour before the darkness. Despite of weather all of us were enchanted of the beautiful nature around us. Lubos joined us later in the evening. We had decided to spend evening outside near the fire even though it was really cold.

Chata pod Kobularom

Our cabin in Slovak woods.


Nas team

Our team.


We woke up to beautiful view in the morning. Sun was shining and there was almost no cloud above us.

Vyhlad z chaty pod Kobularom

View just outside of the cabin.


Lubos decided to walk to the Zlaty stol mountain while the weather is good. We choosed the steep path from the cabin to the mountain ridge where we could see Spisska Nova Ves city, Poprad city and Levoca. Only High Tatras were not visible. Their peeks were hiding in the clouds. We continued to the top of Kobyliar mountain. From there we could see also the Kosice. Zlaty stol was still not close and the time of lunch was almost there. So we decided to go back to cabin, prepare lunch and pack our stuff. Only Lubos walked to the top of Zlaty stol and came back to the cabin via another route.

Panorama - vyhlad Kobyliar

Panorama picture from the top of Kobyliar mountain.


Before the lunch Marek joined us, too. In the afternoon we had discovered new offroads suitable for jeep tours and in the evening came back to the Kosice.

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