Boat rental

Would you like to go canoing on the river, but you do not have a boat? You can borrow a boat with equipment from us. Come to the arranged meeting place where we will transport the boats, sit and go paddling. You can finish your paddling trip at our boathouse area in Košice or at any other place where we will pick the boat up. In case of your interest we can also secure transportation of people. In the boat rental and rental of paddling equipment you can lend sports equipment, mainly water stuff. We have at our disposal kayaks, plastic and inflatable canoe, rafts, paddles, swimming jackets and helmets as well as other equipment for canoeing and outdoor activities. It is possible to take over the boats at the boathouse and arrange your own transportation. If you do not dare to go on the water on your own and the dates of paddling trips are not convenient for you, there is a possibility of paying for an instructor.

Požičovňa lodí a vodáckeho materiálu Košice

Opening hours

The time of boat take-over and handing-over to be arranged via e-mail or phone

Prices for boat rental and canoeing equipment

Prices for boat rental and canoeing equipment. We borrow kayaks, plastic and inflatable canoe, paddleboards (SUP), rafts, paddles, swimming jackets, helmets and other watermanship and outdoor equipment More ›