Prielom Hornádu rafting

Rafting in Prielom Hornádu will be allowed from 1. May 2016

Rules for rafting

Prielom Hornádu rafting rules and informations

Rafting season: from 1. May to 31. October

Water level: Minimum 70cm and maximum 110cm (water level gauge located in Hrabušice - Mýto)

Entry point: Hrabušické Mýto

Exit points: Hrdlo Hornádu (not accessible by car), Letanovský Mlyn (not accessible by car), Čingov (near cottage Ihla)

Exiting on other points and stepping on the river banks is forbidden!

Boat types: Rafting is possible only on 1 or 2 seat boats

Permits: Rafting is possible only with valid permit!

Maximum daily amount of vessels: 70 boats/day

More informations will be published when we get access to them.

Informations about the Hornad river for rafters

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