What is geocaching?

It is a funny game in which it comes to finding caches. Caches are mostly hidden in nice interesting places and they contain articles that may be kept in exchange for another article. Every cache has its page on the Internet with its description and GPS. Geocacher - a person searching for hidden places needs an Internet access and GPS navigation.
Geocaching arose in the USA in 2000, when the accuracy of GPS navigations was increased (until then the accuracy of GPS navigation had been deliberately lowered for public).

Geocaching is an activity suitable for teambuilding or diversification of camp programs as well as school trips.

Why to do it?

Thanks to the search of caches you can reach places you have not had an idea about or by which you passed daily on your way to work. Your trips will have aim. Besides, you will get a feeling of discovering a „treasure“.

What we can offer:

Renting of GPS touristic navigation

  • the navigation includes touristic maps
  • the navigation is waterproof and dust-proof; also waterproof boxes

Establishment of caches

  • building geocaching routes, also water geocaching routes